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Romney Chiropractic
24255 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98030

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Romney Chiropractic


Hours of Operation:

Monday10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Services Offered:

Payment Plans: Aetna
Payment Plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Payment Plans: Cigna
Payment Plans: Medicaid NOT Accepted
Payment Plans: Medicare
Payment Plans: UnitedHealthcare
Applied Kinesiology
Auto Accidents
Chiropractic Neurology
Chiropractic Traction Therapy
Chiropractic Treatment for Injuries
Decompression Therapy
Disc Herniation Treatment
Emergency Chiropractic Care
Flexion-Distraction Therapy
Holistic Chiropractic Care
Homeopathic Medicine
Orthogonal Chiropractic
Pain Management
Pediatric Chiropractic
Personal Injury


Treatments & Services
At Romney Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing a complete approach to chiropractic wellness care for our patients. Our unique blend of treatments is designed to correct your physical imbalances, and keep your body moving and feeling great. Chiropractic is for elite athletes to elite couch potatoes, 100 year old grannies to 1 day old babies. It will benefit anyone looking to decrease their pain, and improve their overall health and physical function.


Motion Palpation
Manual Diversified
Activator Technique
Drop Table
Muscle Testing
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
Exercises and Rehabilitation
Extremity Adjusting (shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, feet, ribs, jaw, skull)
Kinesiology and Elastikon Taping
Custom Orthotics

What is C.C.E.P?
The Council on Extremity Adjusting recognizes that treatment of the whole body requires synchrony between the nervous system and the mechanical control system of the kinetic chain. Subluxations of any joint have both neurological and mechanical components.

Many patients suffer repetitive subluxations and nerve entrapments because the mechanical component is ignored, leaving root causes undiscovered and untreated.

Mechanoreceptors are eIMG_6585mbedded in the tissues surrounding joints. When these tissues get stretched by a misalignment of the joint, this activates an inhibition or weakening of the adjacent muscle. Discovery of these weak muscles and correction of the misaligned joint to restore normal strength is the specialty of the C.C.E.P doctor.

What is the Activator Method?

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care. The technique has been used safely on patients of all ages since the late 1960s, bringing relief to people with a variety of health concerns. Incorporating the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations, this unique system of administering spinal adjustments using research-based analysis and the Activator Adjusting Instrument can help restore spinal balance safely and comfortably. Because of its effectiveness and gentle nature, the Activator Method has grown to become the world’s most widely-used instrument chiropractic technique.

Activator Adjustment How does the Activator Method work? Restoring spinal balance safely and successfully has been the driving force behind the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique. The technique utilizes specific protocols to detect spinal joint dysfunction, analyze leg length inequality, identify issues with body mechanics, and test neurological reflexes. By analyzing results of these examinations, an Activator doctor can initiate the process of restoring spinal balance in the patient, gently and effectively. Using the unique hand-held instrument called the Activator, the patient experiences a controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for the patient. In fact, adjustments with the Activator are so quick and measured, the body’s muscles are less likely to resist, allowing for a more precise and accurate adjustment.


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