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Tranquility Spinal Care
1103 Gardenia Drive #2
Wapakoneta, OH 45895

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Tranquility Spinal Care


Hours of Operation:

Tuesday10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday9:30 am - 11:30 am

Services Offered:

Payment Plans: Cash ONLY - No Insurance Accepted
Applied Kinesiology
Auto Accidents
Chiropractic Traction Therapy
Chiropractic Treatment for Injuries
Disc Herniation Treatment
Emergency Chiropractic Care
Holistic Chiropractic Care
Homeopathic Medicine
Orthogonal Chiropractic
Pain Management
Pediatric Chiropractic
Personal Injury


Tranquility Spinal Care is bringing an exciting form of natural healthcare to the Northwestern Ohio area. This technique produces stable, long-term spinal realignment and enables the body and nervous system to function as it was designed. Better yet this care is gentle and pain free. N.U.C.C.A. is a specific chiropractic technique utilized at Tranquility Spinal Care.

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (N.U.C.C.A.)
This precise technique is enjoyed by many because of its very gentle adjustment and long lasting results. Total realignment of the spine is accomplished through the adjustment of the top bone of your spine, called the Atlas or C1. X-rays are a critical component to employ this particular technique. The x-rays are analyzed and provide a specific angle to correct the specific spinal misalignment. There is no turning or twisting of the neck or back nor are there any cracking or snapping sounds. During the adjustment less than the weight of a dime is all the pressure that is felt. The incredible tool that is used for this is the practitioner’s own body – no tool or machine has the ability or sensitivity to align a spine to the degree of a NUCCA practitioner.

The adjustment is able to relieve pressure from your brain stem, freeing your entire nervous system to work more effectively. Blockages within the nervous system cause mixed aberrant signals to be sent to all tissues and organs that a nerve supplies. By freeing the nervous system the body is able to heal itself. Body posture is the first change that is noticed. Immediately after an adjustment body posture returns to a perfect state with no leaning or twisting of the head or frame. After the correction, x-rays are taken to assure the alignment was achieved. Unlike all other chiropractic techniques, NUCCA is able to demonstrate a change in the person’s spine through x-ray. This spinal change is permanent if directions are followed to allow the spine to stabilize.


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