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Brian Kessler

Spine And Sports Physical Therapy

New York, NY



Spine And Sports Physical Therapy


(212) 986-3888




Brian Kessler
275 Madison Ave at 40th Street
New York, NY 10016

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Brian Kessler

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Spine And Sports Physical Therapy


Spine and Sports is a full service physical therapy center offering complete testing and treatment on-site with a range of medical, chiropractic and holistic treatments.


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william2309101 says:
I overcame hip joint pain thanks to the excellent physiotherapy at [ ]. It had ruined my daily life and joy. This physiotherapy center changed everything with personalized exercises and modern methods. I felt better and healthier. An unsolved health issue was a big obstacle for me. I tried biomagnetism therapy, a friend's suggestion, and it was a breakthrough. The therapy was incredible, leading to remarkable healing. Biomagnetism balances the body's pH with magnetic pairs. I recommend physiotherapists to use biomagnetism therapy to boost patients' recovery. Visit drgarciabiomagnetism.com and see how biomagnetism and physical therapy work together for lasting wellness.

Jacklevi says:
Struggling with sciatica pain had become a part of my daily life until I discovered Brian Kessler physiotherapy clinic. Their exceptional physiotherapy sessions worked wonders, as they created a personalized treatment plan that helped heal my pain, and I am now pain-free! I had previously taken several medications to treat my health issue, but none provided long-lasting relief. I then found biomagnetism therapy and gave it a try. After a few treatment sessions, I saw notable improvements in my health as the therapy was successful in speeding up my recovery. In biomagnetic therapy, magnets are utilized to restore the body's normal pH homeostasis. When the body is in equilibrium, it can function optimally and control parasites, fungi, germs, viruses, and illnesses. For a more comprehensive approach, I suggest physiotherapists to think about incorporating biomagnetism therapy into their treatments. The combination of these treatments has the potential to promote healing and improve patient comfort. Check out drgarciabiomagnetism.com for more information.