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John Phalen

Saint Joseph, MI





John Phalen
3918 Red Arrow Hwy
Saint Joseph, MI 49085

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Patricia (Bowsher) Fair says:
My mom Leada Bowsher told me you were back in town. It was damn nice news. I've missed you Doc or should I say my back has missed you. I now have arthritis in my lower back and hips imagine that. I have to relie on lunesta to get to sleep at night"it sucks" I've seen a few doctors since I last seen you, but they were'nt as good as you. All they cared about was money. Not what was best for me and my back. you always told me how it was and what you thought was right for my situation. I know it's been a long time and I hope you remember me. I will be calling you someday to look at my back again. alot has changed in my back and it's not for the good. I'm in Colorado right now with my husband, but when we get back you will have two new patience. Thank You John for taking care of me when I was Much younger. Patty Bowsher (Fair)