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Holt Family Chiropractic
696 Plain St. Suite #1A
Marshfield, MA 02050

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Holt Family Chiropractic


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Monday8:00 am - 12:00 am
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Auto Accidents
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No One Should Feel Pain!

Pain is bad. Killing it is good. Right? How many times you kill it does not matter, as long as you just keep killing it! Right? Getting to the underlying cause of the pain and addressing its cause is too much trouble. The simple solution is kill it, kill it, kill it!

Coping with Pain

Headlines: “No one should feel pain!” Today I heard a N.P.R. story on the radio today about coping with pain and the overuse of opiates. The story tells of the problem of over prescribing, stealing, and passing around prescription drugs. They also alluded to the path that a person goes down when they start an addiction process.

Is Pain the Enemy?

Holt Family Chiropractic Marshfield

Our patients are great referrers!

For over 31 years, at Holt Family Chiropractic, I have professionally dealt with this C.O.R.E. social ill. We have been brainwashed to believe that P.A.I.N. is the enemy and to just kill it. Almost everyone that I speak with about this issue tells me “they know many people that over use drugs”. Prescription, over the counter, illegal, their friends and family’s drugs, alcohol, caffeine, simple pain killers, plus inventive use of household products… all seem to be readily available. Digging deeper into this issue, I have found that we each experience peer pressure and social pressures around how often and how much we choose to partake.

The True Underlying Cause

No one wishes to dig deeper (particularly when they are experiencing the pain). Here is the big challenge. Once you have “been around this track” a few times or many, many times, you may be ready to look at the true underlying cause and start to address it. That is where I do my best work. Getting to the bottom of what is causing this alarm signal to sound and offering a non-drug way of helping you to feel better and heal better.

Explore Your Options!

When you are ready to move forward in this “different direction”, call me at our Marshfield chiropractic office. Together we can explore your options and come up with a great new solution. We can address the underlying cause of your pain.


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