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Sue Mulcahey

Sue Mulcahey, DC, LLC

Lawrence, KS



Sue Mulcahey, DC, LLC






Sue Mulcahey
2721 W 6th St, Suite E
Lawrence, KS 66049

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Sue Mulcahey

Practice Name:
Sue Mulcahey, DC, LLC


Dr. Mulcahey’s chiropractic story:

“When I was in my first year of college to become a teacher, I accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. Shortly after that incident, I began developing headaches every day for about the next 18 years. I saw many doctors and specialists, took a variety of medications and had a lot of tests and procedures run, but I was still in pain.

One summer, when I was taking a recertification class for teaching, a friend suggested that I see her chiropractor. I will admit that I wasn’t very chiropractic-friendly at the time, and I was reluctant to go. But I was also desperate to find something that would help me out of the pain. So I saw a Doctor of Chiropractic and absolutely everything changed. Through a specific adjustment that my chiropractor used, called the Blair technique, I no longer had to live with headaches. It was incredible to get my health back!

I decided that I wanted to help others experience what I had through chiropractic. When I returned to school to become a chiropractor, I wanted to learn the technique that helped me get well. (It is very effective and only a very few doctors in the nation are trained in this technique.)

Now every day, as a chiropractor in Kansas City, I watch as my patients experience the same amazing results of pain relief through chiropractic that I have. So how could I not love what I do? When my patients get well with chiropractic care, they begin to see the world differently – just like I do!”


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