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John N Huy

Tarpon Springs, FL







John N Huy
400 E Tarpon Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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Adelle says:
I wish I had known about Dr. Huy years ago when I was injured. I went to Dr. Marcell for 7 years and aching all the time. Through Florida Hospital and the Innisbrook dinner they have I met Dr. Huy. I went to him and he adjusted me so well, I was not aching the next day, or day after, etc. It took almost a month before I ached again. This man is incrediblely gifted in his treatment of patients. Like I said, I only regret I did not meet him years before, as I would have been well today instead of still having problems brought on by not the proper care, only m oney sucked out I could have gotten for further care. I will also say stay away from Nikki Kavouklis. She is completely incompetent and if I had not contacted the judge I would have lost my case that Morgan and Morgan finished for me to get my bills paid. This woman, according to other attorneys I have talked to that said she messed upo my case completely, said that she should lose her license.If I had not gone to marcell I never would have had her, but a good attorney. I now have found the best chiropractor in the area however, Dr. Huy.