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Peri Dwyer
1373 E Tennessee St
Tallahassee, FL 32308

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Bethany says:
Do not use Peri Dwyer as your chiropractor. I came to Peri Dwyer temporarily in November of 2008 to treat me while visiting family in Tallahassee for a lower back adjustment. On my first visit there she gave me an all-over body adjustment which included my neck. My neck was fine up until that point in time and was not causing me any pain or problems. Dr. Dwyer's adjustment on my neck went horrendously wrong and by evening time I was experiencing a serious migraine headache and spasms/tensions that ran through my right shoulder, middle back, and facial areas (temples, brows, cheeks, bridge of nose and jaw). EXTREMELY PAINFUL. I tried contacting her office immediately, but could not get a hold of anyone because it was the weekend and they were closed. I left "emergency" messages on their voicemail as instructed to do so which were not checked because no one ever called me back. By 10am on the following Monday morning nobody had called me back so I took it upon myself to show up at Dr. Dwyer's office. When I mentioned my predicament, the office staff had obviously still not checked their weekend messages because they were clueless. I saw Dr. Dwyer who was rather blaise to the pain she had been responsible for causing----keep in mind she had just trashed a perfectly good neck. She made no apologies for her error or for being unreachable over the weekend. To add insult to injury, she insisted on charging me $55.00 for "fixing" my subluxated neck that she CAUSED. Her righteously indignant rationale was that she had followed procedure and her adjustment just didn't sit well with my body. Give me a break, lady, you just caused unnecessary pain, were unavailable, and left a patient with a lasting problem. Common courtesy, patient care, ethics and professionalism is taking responsibility for your mishap, apologizing and fixing what you break/hurt and Dr. Dwyer exhibited none of those traits in my case. It is now February 17, 2009 and I am still dealing with this neck problem caused by Peri Dwyer. She really messed me up bad. Now, let me just say that I have been receiving chiropractic care from MANY doctors for almost a decade. I have been in this situation before where the doctor makes a rare mistake, BUT I have NEVER had a doctor who has acted as unprofessionally as Dr. Peri Dwyer. Every doctor I have worked with has had the policy that if something doesn't go right with an adjustment, then come right back and they'll fix it for free until it is well and they are very sorry. Since November 2008 I have have been undergoing therapeutic massage and chiropractic care from other Tallahassee practitioners to relieve tensions in my neck from the subluxations caused by Dr. Dwyer and have discussed her with a few other professionals around town. Her reputation is poor amongst her colleagues in Tallahassee because apparently what happened to me has happened to other patients of hers as well and they have to go elsewhere to have their problems caused by her fixed. To anyone considering her as a chiropractor I would say STAY FAR AWAY. RUN IF YOU HAVE TO. I would like to warn her current patients that you too could end up in the same situation as I am and it's just not worth it. If you are reading this Dr. Dwyer----in the future, I hope you learn to treat your patients with professionalism and learn better adjusting techniques. You are a poor excuse for a chiropractor and a health care provider.