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Sean P Feeney

Bear, DE





Sean P Feeney
835 Pulaski Hwy
Bear, DE 19701

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Vince Giordano says:
Dr. Sean Feeney was referred to me by my pain management specialist. He immediatetly ordered a diagnostic test which I had never previously had. Apparently I had a tear in a tendon in my shoulder, in addition to "impingement". Dr. Feney worked with an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Feeney utilized a procedure known as strapping, which made an enormous and immediate difference in my shoulder. He utilized a certain type of laser as well as procedures to help the muscular adhesions I had developed. Finally, he devised a rehabilitative therapy program for me. I was able to avoid surgery and am pain free. He also helped me with chronic fatigue with I had suffered with for years. He added to my blood work and found that I had a thyroid problem which was not diagnosed as well as low testoterone. He changed my diet and worked with an endocrinologist. Today I am off all of the anti-depressant medication that I had been prescribed and feel great. I continue with thyroid medication which I will always need.

Rocco Dicarlantonio says:
Dr Sean Feeney helped cure chronic back pain which I had for 10 years and had seen over 20 doctors. He constructed a specific rehabilitaive exercise protocol for me, fitted me for orthotics, adjusted my spine, knees and feet, performed axial decompression, taught me how to avoid hurting my back and more. He sent me to another physician who he apparently works with quite a bit who started me on certain medications (which I no longer take), performed nerve blocks and ablation. I feel 100 % better