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Marie Starling

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Marie Starling
7180 E Orchard Rd. 209
Englewood, CO 80111

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Patty Ahrens says:
Are you an appropriate doctor for me? I have celiac disease, no thyroid (thyroid cancer) and food intolerances. Dr. Teresa Snowden recommended you to me. I don't believe I need chiropractic care at this point but am wondering what is your experience with food intolerances? I believ I am suffering some anxiety due to some food intolerances. I switched my thyroid hormone to levoxyl because it does not contain cornstarch which gives me headaches. The Xanex, taking as needed, also contains cornstarch and lactose - I am avoiding dairy. So I can be quite the challenging patient but my diet is impeccable and I am looking to stay off paxil - went off in Feb. 08. I look forward to hearing from you. Patty Ahrens